Shelby Baker Stonewall Alliance

The Stonewall Alliance Board has elected Shelby Baker to the role of Deputy Executive Director (DED). Baker (they/them) is a long-standing board member and currently is the Chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. Baker has been a player, captain and ambassador of various Stonewall sports since spring 2016.  They have played in kickball, dodgeball, sand volleyball, bocce and yoga.

“I hope I have shown I bring passion, dedication, level headedness, commitment, discipline, reliability, fun, and humor. I love being a part of the Stonewall community and family. I am very passionate about ensuring we continue to carry out our mission and values through the programming we offer. It’s no secret DEI is a passion of mine and I would ensure we also continue to focus our efforts to ensuring players have equitable access to a diverse community of athletes. I value every player in what they bring and put a lot of value into having compassion for each person as we never know what their lives look like off the playing field. I believe in celebration of what we do and want to be a part of growing our successes.”

Baker’s Self-Nomination

They demonstrated key leadership skills by leading the interview and selection process of the Executive Director role – a function that would have otherwise been conducted by the DED.

In their new, official role as DED for Stonewall Alliance, they are responsible for new board member interviews and overseeing committee operations. They expect to facilitate a smooth transition to a new Chair of DEI in early 2023.

The role of Board Coordinator remains vacant, but is a direct support role for DED functions. Apply here >>