Stonewall Alliance and Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh is excited to have elected Heather Brinker to the role of Kickball Commissioner for the 2023-2024 term.

Brinker has only been a part of Stonewall Pittsburgh since the beginning of 2022, but already making an impact as a leader on her teams. She joined as a kickball free agent in Spring 2022 and landed on “The Flamingos” team where she earned the league award of “Up And Coming Leader.” She has since played fall kickball and summer sand volleyball.

Brinker is a small business owner that enjoys organization and structure, two qualities that the role of kickball commissioner demand.

“Stonewall has always been a home for me where I can play sports (sometimes not well) but always be welcomed and created really good friendships with great people. I would like to do my best to ensure everyone continues to have the same experience; to have a home and a family.” Brinker included in her application for commissioner.

Players can expect the next kickball season will start immediately after the dodgeball season ends on Sundays. Schedule, rules, and registration information will be posted at when it is finalized.

The Stonewall Alliance Board would like to thank the other candidates that applied for the role of kickball commissioner. The board felt fortunate to have multiple qualified candidates to choose from. Brinker, since being notified of her election, looks forward to meeting with them to discover their passions for the league and ensure there is space at the leadership table for them.

Individuals interested in joining the volunteer kickball board for spring 2023 can apply online at