Why sponsor Stonewall Alliance?

Sponsorships with Stonewall Alliance include:

  • Awareness among thousands of LGBTQ+ and Ally community members
  • Brand recognition
  • Exclusive participation at our events
  • Exposure to a vibrant and growing community

As a sponsor of Stonewall Alliance, you will be providing the necessary funds to ensure our sustainable growth. In addition to the tangible benefits listed in the sponsorship levels table, your generosity will enable community members to support a variety of other non-profit organizations throughout the area, such as PERSAD, Make-A-Wish and Humane Animal Rescue.

How will my sponsorship funds be utilized?

Corporate sponsorship monies will help keep Stonewall Alliance a minimal dues organization. This encourages community members to participate, regardless of their financial situation. As membership grows, sponsorship monies will ensure that we stay true to our mission and vision, enabling us to give back to our community!

Inquire About Sponsorship

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