All Hands In

“Financial access should not be a barrier to participation in our leagues or programs.”

Starting Summer 2021, the Stonewall Alliance established a “Play-It-Forward Fund” with the belief that financial access should not be a barrier to participation in our leagues or programs. Programs like Bocce, Sand Volleyball, Kickball and Dodgeball cost $35-$55 to participate in the 6-8 week season. For some, this financial cost may be a barrier to joining our community.

The fund is a community-funded effort designed to promote diversity, equity and inclusion across Stonewall leagues and other programming.

How can I Play-It-Forward?

Anyone may make contributions to this fund. When registering for any league program, individuals will be presented with an option to make a contribution. Additional funding will come from various special event activities.

Donations are also accepted online via Square

How can I apply for funds?

Those wishing to apply for the opportunity for reduced pricing for Stonewall activities must apply in advance of registration. After application review, registration codes will be distributed equal to the value being offset. Funding may be limited and is not guaranteed for any applicant. Identities or other information collected will be treated as sensitive information and not be published or distributed.

The application is available here.