Bridge City Flag Football

Pittsburgh, PA, (January 24, 2020) — Stonewall Alliance supporting launch of Flag Football program for inaugural spring 2020 season.  

Bridge City Flag Football, a new LGBTQ+ flag football league, is launching for spring 2020 in the steel city. Recently, members of the Stonewall Alliance community cast their “votes of support” for the creation of the program.  Now, the Stonewall Alliance Board is supporting the successful launch of the new program for its inaugural season.  

The new league was originally proposed to the Stonewall Alliance Board in late 2019 by Ryan Carlisano, former dodgeball commissioner. The proposal recognized flag football as a sport with different player demands than the other sports in the organization’s program portfolio and envisioned the league would benefit from a different team structure, therefore it seemed appropriate for it to bear a different name. The new league will be named “Bridge City Flag Football” (BCFF).

Bridge City Flag Football’s first season will be lead by Carlisano in the role of Commissioner.  Carlisano is supported by Eddie McAndrew, Becca Powers, Trevor Gaby and Kerry Long who make up the leadership team of BCFF.  Its inaugural season is scheduled to take place at Winchester Thurston School in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside neighborhood on Friday evenings this spring.

League rules and additional details will be announced prior to registration being opened for signups in early February.  For future league updates visit