Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA, (August 30, 2019) — Stonewall Alliance and Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh appoint Adam Mazza to role of Dodgeball Commissioner for 2020 and 2021 winter seasons.  

Adam Mazza’s candidacy highlights his past leadership involvement with Dodgeball spanning multiple seasons, in addition to his philanthropic efforts within and beyond Stonewall related activities.  “I have been on the board for a long time, and I have a strong connection to its success” states Mazza.  

Stonewall Dodgeball Pittsburgh began its first winter season in 2015 under the leadership of Ryan Carlisano. After his fifth season, Carlisano opted not to seek re-appointment of the position and Stonewall Alliance began the nomination process for appointing a new commissioner. As of 2019, Dodgeball is the second largest program offered in Pittsburgh with 360 players in its most recent season. 

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