Stonewall Alliance Community Update

Summer is officially here and your Stonewall leadership has return-to-play plans ready to share.  These have just been approved by the Stonewall Alliance board. Over the course of the next week, announcements will be made for bowling and sand volleyball regarding modified operations and schedules. Each sport’s health and safety guidelines are available on the Stonewall Sports Pittsburgh website at

The board approved these programs while keeping player safety as the primary focus. In addition to modified program rules, guidelines, and waivers, we’ve implemented several changes in the registration process:

  • Team captains will be required to attend special health and safety orientations conducted virtually prior to the first date of play.
  • Free agents will register for free and will only pay after being paired with a team. We encourage free agents to utilize the LeagueApps platform or our Facebook groups to connect with teams looking for players. Stonewall leadership will not place free agents onto teams. 
  • Players can expect to see a new COVID-19 health and safety waiver and an updated non-discrimination waiver at the time of registration.  Please review these documents thoroughly before signing. 

Though we have plans in place, it’s important to remember that the decision to play is ultimately in the hands of each individual player. We will ensure that all precautions are thoughtful and reliably executed, but we encourage each player to evaluate their own comfort level before deciding to participate.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.