Step 1: New Program Inquiry

  • Review current list of programming.
  • Complete the new program questionnaire
  • Review questionnaire with the Stonewall Alliance Program Director to request a new program hearing before the Stonewall Alliance board.

Step 2: Alliance Board Hearing

  • Review of operational concept & financial stability with board
  • Obtain board approval, then …
    • Form committee to champion new program support from the community.
    • New program budget formalized. Contracts sought, if required.

Step 3: Votes of Support

  • Obtain signatures from the community in support of the new program.

Step 4: Fundraise Capital Costs

  • Raise funds to cover capital costs. Target set by Alliance Board.
  • Capital cost is defined as one-time purchases for the setup of the program.  (ie: equipment, field supplies and other start-up costs)
  • First-season participants are NOT responsible for funding the program’s creation.

Step 5: Program Approved

  • Announce new program and details.
  • Finalize program leadership members.
  • Alliance Board is available to assist with registration, marketing and other shared services offered to its allied programs.